Stockholm: Rågsved’s Snösätra

Sweden, country of international cultural herritage such as Abba, Björn Borg, Dolph Lundgren, Zlatan Ibrahimović and Ikea. It is a country full of creativity and talent. I am in Stockholm, enjoying the sun and the view in the old city, which has got a lot of culture and history, well organized, untainted. The city thanks […]

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Portrait: Cranio

The Street-Artists that are included within the Capturing Creativity project, are from all around the world: the Netherlands, Belgium, England, America, Sweden and so on. After having the honor to meet and talk to Cranio, Brazil is represented in a more than nice way. I did speak to him about his thoughts on creativitity. Before […]

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Street Art in Balingen

Balingen, a town in Baden-Württemberg, capital of the district of Zollernalbkreis in the South of Germany. Nowadays a middle sized city with approximately 35.000 residents.In this pressumed conservative part of Germany, rich of history, age-oldmedieval buildings and attended surroundings i am happily surprised to face a social project for street art. The organisation ‘FREIRAUM Balingen […]

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Ode to an impressive man.

A new piece of art is created at the NDSM dockyards,on the northern bank of the IJ-river. Under particular Dutch climatical circumstances (sun, rain, wind) a painting has been added to this Street Art and Graffiti area in the North part of Amsterdam. Close to the tremendous Street Art portrait of Anne Frank, painted by […]

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