The Crystal Ship

This month, the 4th edition of the Crystal Ship Festival took place in the city of Oostend, Belgium. Crystal Ship is a cultural organisation specialized in public art producing over 25 installations, sculptures and murals per year. The organisation also represents a selected group of visual artists worldwide and responds to their needs in the […]

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Creativity to watch: Rome

Visiting the city of Rome 10 years ago is the first moment at which I as a 15-year old boy thought: I like art. 10 years (and indeed: two art-related studies) later, I had the opportunity to return to this wonderful city, and experience all the beauty of it once again. What has made it […]

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Creativity to Watch #2

In de terugkerende serie ‘Creativity to Watch’, tip ik een collectief van creatievelingen. Veelal met een gemeenschappelijke deler, krijgen deze mensen naar mijn mening (nog) te weinig aandacht en erkenning voor hetgeen dat zij maken. De gemeenschappelijke deler van deze groep mensen, is dat zij allen werkzaam zijn in het Rijksmuseum. Isabelle Oud – Illustrator […]

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The 19 to watch in 2019

With this project, we are able to capture a lot of creativity that is expressed. Due to the amount of talent that is present (and endlessly develops) around the globe, the amount of articles and interviews we could write is enormously. To give a clear overview within one article, we have created a list: the […]

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Mattiel: combining different forms of creativity into one hybrid and satisfying result

It’s a familiar story: Fledgling singer does soul-sucking day job in order to fund their real passion during the nocturnal hours. Mattiel Brown, from Atlanta Georgia, is a rare exception to this time-honoured tradition: a fulfilled creative by day and night. During office hours, Brown works as an ad designer and illustrator at MailChimp. Out […]

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Close-up: Jaune

“We are circled by walls, they aren’t only protection against the outside, they can be also canvas of free expession.” – Jaune – It felt like such a long time ago when we have met with Belgium stencil artist Jaune. However, it was 2017 when we have met the urban interventionist at de Bajes (Amsterdam). […]

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