About the project

The world is filled with all kind of expressions of creativity.

From the design of a car we are driving, to the location we are living and to the music we are listening. The list of examples is endless, but for some reason regularly people are not aware of creativity being included in their lives. When it has been noticed, we only seem to have our opinion about the final product (paintings, clothes, movies, songs, etc.). In our opinion the entire process of creating is more important than the final product. It makes us able to put things into perspective and above all: understand the artist and the choices which have been made.

With ‘Capturing Creativity’, Mike Warrink (owner & writer) and Henk Warrink (Photographer) are researching the roots of creativity. By meeting people who are participating in all forms of the creative sector, they are trying to get an answer to a crucial question:

What is your definition of creativity?

About the writer

Mike Warrink (1993) is a Dutch student, with a background in writing and arts. As both a MA student (Comparative Arts and Media Studies) and a Host (Rijksmuseum), Mike is always in touch with art. He experiences it, writes about it, and tries to capture it.

Besides his study and his work, Mike writes / has written for other organisations. This includes Paradiso (Grote Prijs van Nederland), Popronde Nederland and Vroom &Varossieau.


About the photographer

Henk Warrink / NCO Photography (1965) is a Dutch professional branch photographer and a professional active serving soldier. The military background includes several missions in the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan.

In more than 20 years Henk developed himself to a portrait photographer, with respect for the persons involved and included in the compositions.

The development as a photographer takes a new turn in 2012 by subscribing as a student tothe ‘ Dutch Fotovakschool,’ and succesfully graduating in 2015. Since then the title ‘professional branch photographer’  is authorized.

All the experiences from education and life are combined in the ambition of creating (classical) portraits, where his area of interest for sports, music and art are regularly included.



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