Creativity to watch #1

During my search for (the origins of) creativity, I use many tools to find the most beautiful creative outbursts. One of these tools is Instagram, a medium where you can spent hours  looking for great artists. You can find lots of artists there: the already well-known ones, but also great yet unknown talent. Because making an overview of their career (with an interview) would be a bit too soon, I will highlight these talents in ‘creativity to watch’.

For the first ‘creativity to watch’ I am highlighting Thijs Spanhaak (photographer), Lotte Mulder (musician) and Eisen Bernardo (Album + Art).

Thijs Spanhaak: Exploiting Light

Back in the days, when Thijs and I were students at the same high-school, he was already ‘doing his own things’. During the years in which we both went to university in Amsterdam, we sometimes met again during traveling. He was always teasing me that he was busy with ‘something cool’, but I never knew what he meant with ‘something cool’.

But at one day, I opened my Instagram and found out what that ‘something cool’ was: photography.

During a diner, he told me that he use photography first of all to express his creativity. Second, beeing busy with photography made him able to escape from the busy student life. With Amsterdam as his playground, Thijs is using the entire environment to create unique portraits. The models he uses are not only friends, but also complete strange people that contact him via Instagram. He is still in the progress of defining his own style, but when pictures as included in this article are just the start, I am wondering what beauty will come next.

Lotte Mulder: a singer-songwriter to love

The 17 year old Lotte Mulder is one of those artist you discover per accident. You do not know how it happened, but after all, you are happy that the discovery did happen. She uses Instagram to tease both covers and own some of her own work, which is enough to create an audience that wants to hear more and more.

She owns all the classic elements of a great singer-songwriter, but with a modern touch as bonus. The calmness and poetic way of storytelling is beauty at its best. She is able to create and perform beautiful songs all alone, but also together with Olaf Bosman. Their talent has already been spotted: they will be the support act of Anna Rune in Paradiso.

Eisen Bernardo / Album + Art: an interesting mash-up project

I am following this page for quite a long time, because it combines two of my favorite interests: music and art. In the project Album + Art, Eisen Bernardo places album covers in a fitting composition of classic paintings. Bernardo himself is a Filipino graphic artist. A development communicator by profession, he is the creative officer of the Communication and Public Affairs unit of the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity.

He has laid out publications and produced audiovisual materials for some local and international research organizations based in the Philippines. His mash-ups (he also combined magazine covers with classic paintings) have gained him both international succes and lots of publications. His mash-ups are first of all a parody on both the classic paintings and the covers. But, most of all, the combined elements are an ode to the paintings and covers.

Text ©: Capturing Creativity


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