Portrait: Vincent Peters

Gallery Kunsthuis Amsterdam (Art House Amsterdam) is a hidden treasure in the city of Amsterdam. The Gallery is specialised in modern art. The building, a former bank, is also the place to see great photography. In another portrait, we have met photographer David Yarrow. This thanks, thanks to the very friendly staff of Kunsthuis Amsterdam, […]

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Creativity to watch #1

During my search for (the origins of) creativity, I use many tools to find the most beautiful creative outbursts. One of these tools is Instagram, a medium where you can spent hours  looking for great artists. You can find lots of artists there: the already well-known ones, but also great yet unknown talent. Because making […]

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Portrait: David Yarrow

David Yarrow has built an incredible reputation for capturing the beauty of the planet’s remote landscapes, cultures and endangered animals. Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1966, he is now an internationally acclaimed fine art photographer and Europe’s best selling wildlife photographer. I have had the opportunity to have a talk with him at Kunsthuis Amsterdam. David […]

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